Extract more value from your data by improving its quality and traceability in Odoo.

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Data is now one of the most valuable assets across industries. When properly managed, it offers a significant competitive edge. However, this also introduces new challenges and risks

To unlock the full potential of data, it's crucial to implement processes and rules that form the foundation of Data Governance and ensure data quality, security and integrity.

Smart Governance offers a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing your data in Odoo and enhance your decision-making processes and create significant value from your data.

Main features

Data Quality KPIs

Monitor completeness, retention, validity, and integrity of your data

Configurable Data Policies

Tailor data policies to fit your specific needs

Data Stewardship

Assign and manage data responsibilities effectively

Audit Trail

Track and document any changes in your environment

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🎯 Improved Data Quality and Reliability: Ensure your data is accurate, complete, and consistent.

📊 Enhanced Decision Making: Boost your analytics and business intelligence with high-quality data.

⚙️ Operational Efficiency: Streamline data management processes and reduce redundant tasks.

🌟 Strategic Alignment: Align data management practices with your organization's strategic goals.


Our offer

The annual subscription to Smart Governance includes:

Mises à jour annuelles

Minimum 1 par version d'Odoo


Nous répondons à vos questions


Correction de bugs sur la solution


Guides d'utilisation et d'installation détaillés

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