Drive your business with relevant reports, using the advanced features 

of a BI tool (e.g. Looker Studio or Power BI), directly integrated into your Odoo ERP.

Discover Smart Analytics 

➡️ Export your data from Odoo 

Smart Analytics comes with an Extractor that provides you with a way to choose what data to pull from your Odoo. Schedule your exports, push the data to a warehouse (Google Bigquery) and run some python scripts on that data to enhance it (projections, AI…).

📊 Build dashboards for your Data Driven Decision Making

With your Odoo data exported to a data warehouse, connect your favorite visualization tool (Power BI or Looker Studio) to build your dashboards. You can then access them directly from Odoo, based on your access rights.

Our catalog of Plug & Play dashboards

Explore our growing set of plug & play dashboards that you can use as-is or as a basis to build your own.






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Main features

Take your Odoo reporting to the next level with Smart Analytics:

​Interactive, dynamic dashboards tailored to your needs and created using real BI software

       Data visualized in near real time via easily configurable exports

       Customized access to guarantee strict confidentiality

  A fully scalable solution, whatever your data volume and number of users

Automated, centralized reporting that's easy to share From data extraction to manipulation and visualization, Smart Analytics lets you automate these workflows by integrating the latest Business Intelligence technologies!

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1. What data warehouse does the solution use ?  

By default, we use the data warehouse solution of Google (BigQuery), but on demand we can build some other connectors to fit your needs. 

2. Can other sources of data be used in combination with Odoo ?

Yes, data coming from outside Odoo (third party softwares / external files /…) can be mapped with Odoo data in the data warehouse or at the BI tool level depending on your needs.

3. Does Idealis access, read or store my data ?

No, Idealis is only responsible to securely transfer your selected data to the data warehouse.

4. How do I get the data out of my Odoo ? 

We developed a custom Odoo module which is in charge of the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of the data into the data warehouse via your Odoo API key.

5. Can the solution export ‘custom’ or “calculated fields” from Odoo?  

Yes, it doesn’t matter if the desired field was added via Odoo studio or a custom development, we can extract all fields that are stored in your Odoo database but we can also extract calculated data that isn’t stored in the database and that Odoo usually calculated before displaying on screen.

6. Is it possible to do advanced data transformation / prediction /classification thanks to Machine Learning or AI algorithms ?

Yes, there is a section in the extract tool where we can freely add python code to perform any type of data transformation or adding any machine learning model.

7. Do I have control on the data refresh frequency ?

Yes, the frequency can be configured (ex: every 5 minutes / every hour / 4 times a day / every week/month). However, you have to keep in mind the computation costs.

8. How do I visualize the final dashboards?

The dashboards are directly integrated into Odoo for a seamless user experience.

9. What needs to be installed in my Odoo, is it an Odoo Module ?  

Yes, our solution is deployable via an Odoo module that you install in your own environment.

10. Can I control who has access to what dashboard and to what data ?  

Yes, you can use the standard access rights of Odoo to be able to view / access a specific dashboard. Moreover, on the BI software level, you can control which data is displayed regarding the viewers for the same dashboard.

11. What BI tools are compatible with the solution ?

Most of the BI tools are compatible with the solution. As long as it has an embed capability. The standard dashboards are built using Google Lookerstudio. However, we have certified consultant in PowerBi and Looker Studio that are willing to help you build your custom reports.

12. Can I modify the dashboards myself?  

Yes, but at this point to pull new data points from Odoo to the data warehouse, we need to update the queries on our end. Everything else, building or tweaking the dashboards, adding them to Odoo, updating the access rights, can be done by you.

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