Idealis Solutions' Mission

A Short History of Idealis Solutions

Idealis Group has been building its “Solutions” Business Unit for a few years. It started as an investment on two verticals: Smart Biotech and Smart Membership, ERPs tailored for companies in the biotechnologies and in the business clubs respectively.

The intention behind these products was - and still is - to provide a turnkey solution based on an already powerful ERP (Odoo), but one that specifically meets the needs of their industry so that the process of onboarding their ERP could be simplified, quicker and cheaper.

The idea of not having to develop features that repeat from one customer to another was promising and a clear win for everyone involved.

Idealis Solutions has since developed cross-sector solutions that would improve Odoo on very specific topics, such as dashboarding. Smart Analytics provided a truly powerful means to generate dashboards based on the data inside and outside the ERP, without leaving Odoo. Isabel Connect was born from the collaboration with Isabel Group, with the aim of automating two very important but repetitive use cases in Odoo’s accounting.

In 2022 the Group acquired CloudSmart, a company in Luxembourg that sold a product that became the inspiration for Idealis Solutions’ Smart Pharma, our third vertical solution specialized in medication wholesale in France. In 2023 we announced Smart Portal, our latest cross-sector solution that improves internal communication and employee data management.

This short history of Idealis Solutions is meant to reflect on one important point: our mission.

Our Mission: why we do what we do (wwd x 2)

It may not be an obvious takeaway from the above, but our mission is: to increase the productivity of our customers.

What is Productivity

Productivity is clearly an important metric for us and our customers. In fact, it’s essential for any business. However, increasing productivity does not necessarily mean increasing production (for example in manufacturing of goods), it’s the simple ratio of a business’ total output divided by its total input.

The Productivity Formula

Total Input can be defined as all the time, money and sweat (effort or work) invested in the company whereas Total Output can be defined as all the value produced as a result, financial and otherwise.

So increasing productivity could be accomplished by increasing the total output, reducing the total input or both.

Increasing Productivity with our Solutions

Clients installing our vertical solutions start their ERP project one step ahead of the competition: by using a platform that is tailored to their industry’s needs, they get to use their ERP sooner. They also reduce their customizations to a minimum, which undeniably increases their productivity.

Productivity Math on Vertical Solutions

Productivity gains produced by our cross-sector solutions are even more obvious. Smart Analytics provides a safe and steady way to produce dashboards, eliminating Excel spreadsheets from the equation. Isabel Connect saves between 45 min and 1 hour of work per day through automation, Smart Portal centralizes, automates and updates data for your staff and support functions.

Productivity Math with Cross-Sector Solutions

Productivity is an ideal metric to gauge any project, service or product and it is very important for anyone managing a business. It's kind of the golden metric for management if you think of it: a business only works if it adds more value than it consumes.

By making it our mission to increase the productivity of our customers, we make sure that every feature we add to our roadmap either simplifies, automates or improves the work of our customers… which is what we find the most rewarding in building business software.

What do you think of our mission? Do you have comments or questions?

Drop us a note below, we look forward to hearing from you.